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About Classrooms.Cloud

Classrooms.Cloud is an online events platform that provides a simplistic and convenient way to host live events and classes for all types of audiences. It is built to handle complicated logistics – creating a custom user experience while avoiding the hassle of managing licenses, accounts, and links, and prioritizing security for all attendees.

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How Does It Work?


Building Set-Up

We’ll create a custom “building,” with all the information you want for your participants and a way for participants to get into the “building” whether it be through usernames/passwords, a passcode, or by leaving it open.


Classroom Set-Up

We integrate with a video service (e.g. Zoom) to create the classrooms you need with any additional features you request and separate them into “Wings” for each division, subject, or other categorization system that fits your unique needs.



Your “Building” will be ready for your event, and our team will provide documentation for all your staff and participants and be on-call to help troubleshoot any issues that come up before and during the event.