Debate Moves Online — Daily Update

This page exists to catalog online developments and opportunities for US debate students. We will add any item to this list that you email to [email protected].org. March 21 — NYCUDL Online Debate Club Today the New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL) completed its first online Saturday Debate Club session for more than 40 students from the greater New York City area. The program is an extension of what was the NYCUDL’s physical Debate Club programming held in downtown Manhattan. The regular Debate Club session ran from 9:30-11:30 on Saturdays and today’s session ran from 9:30-11:30 on Saturday. The program used free e-buildings course infrastructure provided by to the NYCUDL so the nonprofit could have its own classrooms infrastructure. .Seven different labs/classes were held to support students in public forum debate and parliamentary debate. After the two hours session, the instructors met and provided some different points of feedback. You can read more about it and the lessons we learned here. March 21 — NYCUDL/U4SC The NYCUDL and the United For Social Change have launched a partnership to support text debates for students.  Details are available at Loretta Brady’s temporary site.  March 21 — University of Michigan Debaters Demo Online Competition on the Policy Debate Topic — Arms Sales March 20 — NSDA Makes Its Resource Package Free The NSDA is making its resource package free to members. March 20 — Remote Coaching Guide The University of Kentucky released this Guide to Remote Coaching.  March 30 — NSDA Scrimmage Board Are you looking for a debate scrimmage? The NSDA has launched an online scrimmage contact form March 19 — Lakeland District Debaters Hold Class Members of the Lakeland District Debate team held class to prepare for the Georgetown online debate tournament. March 19 — Debate/Social Studies Lesson Plans Debate Coach Michael Harris shared some Debate Class lesson plans that can also be used for Social Studies. March 18 — TOC Online Webinar Priten Shah and Lincoln Garret discuss technical and practical rules/norms aspects of the online Tournament of Champions. March 18 — Online TOC Rules, Norms, Procedures The Tournament of Champions also released a document for rules, norms, and best practices.  The Georgetown tournament will be adopting these. March 18 — Tech Tips for Debating Online The University of Michigan Debate Team released Tech Tips for Debating Online. March 18 — NYCUDL Students Practice Online Debaters from PS 161 in Harlem participated in an online learning exercise and a scrimmage with their Coach Tyler Beattie (also the NYCUDL parli director) and Loretta Brady and Arielle Gallegos from the NYCUDL. They collected feedback and released it here. March 17 — NYCUDL Debate Staff Meets to Plan Summer Camp NYCUDL plans debate camp in the Lakeland High School debate room. March 17 Westfield Debate Practice Moves Online The Westfield Debate Team that normally meets live on Tuesday evening meet online in the Lakeland High School Classrooms. March 16 — MS343   On Monday, the first day students were off of school in NYC (and they didn’t even know until Sunday that they didn’t have school until the next day), they started their own initiative to have debates on Discord, a free online text chat and video chat for gamers. The students recruited other debaters, judges, and even turned it into a class!       March 16 — Michigan State’s Spartan Debate Institute (SDI) announces it is moving online for the summer. Spartan Debate Institute Director Will Repko announced that the SDI Policy camp will be moving entirely online for the summer of 2020. A number of posts have followed about how it will work. March 15 — Georgetown Tournament Moves Online Stefan Bauschard, the Director of the Georgetown Spring PF tournament, expanded the tournament to LD & Policy, and announces it is moving online (registration). March 11 — Tournament of Champs Dave Arnett, the Director of the Tournament of Champions, announced the tournament is moving online.  Tournament classrooms site.