Academic Events

We are adding features to our platform to be used with various academic events and competitions such as Model UN, Model Congress, Quiz Bowl, Ethics Bowl, and more!

Please email [email protected] for pricing and availability.

This is an all-inclusive service that includes: 

  • Pre-Event Consulting and Services
    • Event management services to help you plan your online event
    • Security consulting services to recommend the best set-up
    • Training materials and screencasts to onboard your team/participants
  • Event Set-Up
    • School-based Username/Password or Passcode Login System
    • Custom Room Arrangement Into Wings/Divisions
    • School/Organization Logo in Header
  • Helpline Ticketing
    • Each classroom has a built-in help ticket system to quickly notify event staff of issues and provide one-click access to the classroom for the staff
    • These help tickets can be sent to event staff by email (including multiple ones), into Slack channels (including different ones), or into the event dashboard on the backend (all of this setup is included)
  • Custom Features
    • Timers: Every wing can have its own custom timers with whatever titles and lengths of time right on the page. There is also the ability to customize “running timer” such as preparation or technology issues time to your individual events needs.
    • Trivia/Questions: We can automatically display questions to users from a database of questions, build in a buzzer system, or show multiple choice questions and store who answers the fastest.
    • Scoresheets: We can either custom design a score sheet into the system or embed a Google form that is only visible to scorers/judges.
    • File Exchange (Uploads/Copy & Paste): We can add an interface for participants to copy and paste or drag and drop their speeches, briefs, text etc. to then be shown to all other members of the room. This eliminates the need to leave the page.
    • Other Needs? Anything that is technologically possible, we’ll make happen to make sure your event is a success and you provide the best possible experience to your participants. Since every building is custom designed for our users, we have a lot of flexibility in terms of what features we build and how we configure them for you. Just email [email protected] to start the conversation!
  • Admin Features
    • Overview page of all helpline tickets and all active rooms being used by event with total participants in the room (and all named entrants)
    • One-click access to enter any room 
    • Automatic Hosting Abilities for Staff 
    • Manage recordings right from the same page
  • On-Call Technology and Event Administration Support:
    • Classrooms.Cloud Staff Member in your Slack or email channel to instantly respond to and deal with technical issues
    • Day of monitoring of usage, blocking of IP addresses, maintaining room caps, and adding/removing authorized users and rooms immediately 
    • Assistance setting up live streams and maintaining and uploading recordings of all rooms to increase reach (if desired)
  • Reliability & Confidence
    • Central Recording: We can record all rounds automatically to a secure location so that you have a central backup in case you need to watch what happened during a round or want to post them publically.  
    • Insurance: We carry industry-standard cyber liability and professional general liability insurance.
    • Server: We use the same server management company as Disney, Visa, Northwestern University, and other major companies. We can double our resources in 90 seconds (the average amount of time someone waits for an elevator). 

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