Commonwealth High School

Commonwealth High School in Massachusetts has brought their whole school online using our platform to host everything from regular classes, tutoring sessions, school assemblies, and even a Model UN Conference!

University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions

The University of Kentucky is hosting its Annual Tournament of Champions for the top debate and speech competitors from around the country that used 165 rooms for over 1600 people in attendance!

United 4SC Conferences and Workshops

United 4 Social Change has hosted two full-day conferences (one for educators and one for women), multiple shorter length workshops, and will host its online middle school civics workshop on the platform.

New York City Urban Debate League

NYCUDL is using Classrooms.Cloud to continue its online debate club that meets on a weekly basis and its summer institute for students from all around NYC.

National Speech & Debate Association National Tournament

The National Speech & Debate Tournament is the largest academic competition in the world, and they'll be using our platform this year to ensure they continue to serve their students.

Summit Debate Summer Institutes

Summit Debate, one of the largest summer camps in the country, will be using our online platform for all of its locations to continue to work with over 800 students during Summer 2020.

Georgetown University Spring Debate Tournament

The tournament used our platform for two weekends to host students from all around the United States competing in various different speech and debate events in 110 different classrooms.

Westfield and Lakeland High School Debate Team

Westfield and Lakeland High School debate teams have been using our platform to conduct practice debates and keep up with team meetings and practices as they prepare for their competitions.