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About: Classrooms.Cloud builds custom interfaces for schools to provide a virtual school building to serve as the one-stop access point for all your students and teachers during Fall 2020 through a full-branded and custom-built platform. When all instruction is online, schools must do more to maintain their unique identity and simplify access for students and parents without overly relying on third-party brands. (Sample Pictures Below)

Testimonial: “As we faced a shutdown in March, Commonwealth School turned to Classrooms.Cloud to set up Virtual Commonwealth. Because of our virtual building, teachers were able to adapt courses without having to worry about setting up and scheduling individual conferences, and students could easily move from class to class following along with their usual daily schedule: the logistical puzzle was eliminated. Students could easily meet with teachers or advisors for individual conferences in the virtual rooms. We even carried on with our daily all-school meeting and announcements, and we gathered to hear weekly assembly speakers in our virtual common room.  And Priten was ready to help whenever any changes or support were called for.  Everyone—students, teachers, and parents—agree that the transition to online learning went remarkably smoothly, thanks to Virtual Commonwealth.”

Every virtual school building is custom-built for each school and can be as complicated or as simple as your needs. Ask us if we can do anything unique to your school; the answer is always yes!

Some of the features we offer for schools include:

  • Branded Set-Up
    • Custom Domain, Colors, Logos to Make Students Feel School Spirit and Not Get Lost Among Many Tools
    •  Close Work With Your Technology and Communications Team to Make Sure All Branding Is In-Line With Style Guides/Branding Guides
    • Custom Links (to Main Sites, Other Portals, etc.) in the Dropdown
  • School Security System
    • Custom Username/Password or Passcode Login System
    • GSuite or LDAP Server Login System for SSO
    • Modular Permissions for Access Based on Enrollment
  • Custom Features
    • Custom Room Arrangement Into Wings/Divisions
    • Rooms by Faculty Member or Mirror Your Physical Building
    • Sync with Google Classroom to Pull Student Assignments
    • Attendance Functionality with “Mark Present” option in each Classroom
    • Show a Students Schedule with Quick Links to Virtual Classrooms
    • Integrated Grades Display or Other Custom Features
    • Integration with BigBlueButton, or Zoom for Video
  • Features for Teachers
    • Integrate File Sharing Through Dropbox/GDrive
    • Update the Page Content Right Above/Below the Virtual Classroom
    • Show Content Based on Class Schedules
    • Integrate Class Bells and Time Systems
    • Differing features by grade-level or subject
    • Attendance sheets
1) Access: Everything is protected by a username and password for each student and staff or a simple passcode. We could even integrate with your GSuite account for logging in if you needed, so students don’t have to make new accounts or you could use our passcode system and we could passcode lock the whole school down on top.
2) Management/Administration: You nor your teachers/students have to keep track of all the various video conferencing links, how to navigate between them, when someone should click which one, or even who has access at any given time to a particular link. All the rooms are created by our system automatically and we handle the management, so you can get back to focusing on teaching.
3) User Experience: You can mimic the school structure, so students don’t have to find the right link, keep track of all their classes, etc. If they normally go to room 203 for Math @ 8am to see Mr. Smith, that’s how they would navigate our platform to see Mr. Smith. You can leave current schedules, room numbers, etc in place. We would add your school’s branding and could even host it on your domain “” or ours “”)
4) Reliability: It’s built on Zoom which other districts and universities are using, so you aren’t testing something brand new or relying on our servers for quality of video service. It’s the infrastructure on top that is unique and makes everyone’s experience better.
5) Tested: We are currently using it for debate tournaments with students from around the country, conferences, and workshops, and even summer camps. The University of Kentucky and Georgetown are both using our platform for their events as is the largest student competition in the United States. We’re also using it for 5 different academic summer camps this summer all run by universities or multi-millionaire dollar organizations.
6) Customizable: We can build unique things for you on each page (“classroom”): including instructions for students, a way for each teacher to add files/information in their “classroom,” etc, and even school bells!
7) Speed: Our team is equipped to do this within 24-48 hours depending on your needs, and can train teachers and students to use it within 30 minutes.

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