Speech & Debate Tournaments

In an effort to help bring down the costs of doing a building per tournament approach for the Speech & Debate community, Classrooms.Cloud is establishing a shared pre-setup building for all debate tournaments across age groups and event styles. This will allow medium to large tournaments to also make use of our platform rather than limit usage to major national championships in the fall. We will also spend the summer automating as much of the labor-intensive parts of the process as possible to offer these prices to the community.

The pricing has been simplified to 

  • One-day tournament: $30/room
  • Two-day tournament: $60/room
    • One free day to be used on either end of the tournament for either up to two prelims or for an elimination rounds-only day. This will be the bulk of the tournaments during the season.
  • Three-day tournament: $75/room
    • One free day to be used on either end of the tournament for either up to two prelims or for an elimination rounds-only day.

This comes out to an average price of $30/entry for a two-day tournament for policy, $15/entry for flighted debates in PF and LD, and $10/entry for speaking events.

This is an all-inclusive price that includes: 

  • Pre-Tournament Consulting and Services
    • Event management services to help you plan your online event
    • Security consulting services to recommend the best set-up
    • Training materials and screencasts to onboard your team/participants
  • Event Set-Up
    • School-based Username/Password or Passcode Login System or Tabroom Integration (below)
    • Custom Room Arrangement Into Wings/Divisions
    • School/Organization Logo in Header
    • Custom Links (to Tabroom, Livestream, etc) in the Dropdown
  • Helpline Ticketing
    • Each classroom has a built-in help ticket system to quickly notify tournament staff of issues and provide one-click access to the classroom for the staff
    • These help tickets can be sent to tournament staff by email (including multiple ones), into Slack channels (including different ones), or into the tournament dashboard on the backend (all of this setup is included)
  • Debate Features
    •  Timers
      • Classrooms arranged by event can have event timers embedded in each classroom
    • Evidence Sharing
      • Each classroom will have a drag and drop interface per round to share evidence with everyone else in the room
    • Tabroom.com Tournament Integration
      • Tabroom API integration to control access based on registered judges and students or on a per-school basis for observers.
      • Everyone uses the same credentials as Tabroom.com to get in.
    • Speeches.Cloud Integration
      • Integrate with asynchronous speech competitions on the same platform, with student speeches displayed right above the live judging room
  • Tournament Director/Admin Features
    • Overview page of all helpline tickets and all active rooms being used by event with total participants in the room (and all named entrants)
    • One-click access to enter any room 
    • 1 “Empowered” Person/20 Rooms (Someone who can enter into any room as a host)
    • Manage recordings right from the same page
  • On-Call Technology and Tournament Administration Support:
    • Classrooms.Cloud Staff Member in your Slack or email channel to instantly respond to and deal with technical issues
    • Day of monitoring of usage, blocking of IP addresses, maintaining room caps, and adding/removing authorized users and rooms immediately 
    • Assistance setting up live streams and maintaining and uploading recordings of all rooms to increase reach (if desired)
  • Reliability & Confidence
    • Central Recording: We can record all rounds automatically to a secure location so that you have a central backup in case you need to watch what happened during a round or want to post them publically.  
    • Insurance: We carry industry-standard cyber liability and professional general liability insurance.
    • Server: We use the same server management company as Disney, Visa, Northwestern University, and other major companies. We can double our resources in 90 seconds (the average amount of time someone waits for an elevator). 

To give back to the community when possible, and because of decreased costs when multiple tournaments use the platform in the same month, in any month with two or more tournaments, we will allocate rooms for free use through a needs-based grants program. Schools interested in the program should fill out the intake form and email [email protected]

Intake Form

Can I still opt for a branded set-up? 

Yes, just let us know during the initial conversation and we’ll make sure to set you up with a branded solution. 

Can the site handle multiple tournaments at the same time? 

The site can be expanded to accommodate as much traffic as needed. We will, however, likely cap the number of tournaments per weekend to make sure we can continue to provide hands-on support throughout your event. You can read about our infrastructure and strength of our system on the general FAQs page!

Do you offer any discounts or bulk pricing?

In most cases, this is our lowest pricing possible. We do have a grants program to either a) reduce costs for tournaments or b) completely cover the cost. This will be offered based on a combined needs-based and first-come-first-served basis. If you think your circumstance is unique, please reach out by email: [email protected]

How far in advance do I have to book space? 

We recommend booking space as soon as you know you will host your event online. Hosting an event online takes planning and lots of coordination, and the more time we have to mutually work on making it perfect, the better! However, when we have the capacity, we will accommodate tournaments up to 1-month before the start date. Only in rare circumstances will we be able to accommodate something on shorter notice in the fall.

Is there a tournament too small? 

No! We are happy to host any tournament of any size. Smaller tournaments with lower entry fees might best fit into the grants program and should fill out the intake form and mention that they would like to be considered for the grants program.

How far in advance do I have to commit to a final room count? 

48 hours for your final drops. We do ask you to make a soft commitment 2 weeks out but can be fairly flexible with what margin of error we allow in either direction up to 48 to the start of the first round.

What costs extra? 

Any feature we build into the platform will always be included for everyone for no extra fees. Any feature that integrates with external providers might carry some fees but are committed to either absorbing those fees when possible or passing them on at cost. The only thing you would have to pay us extra for is a branded or completely custom set-up that takes place outside the generic community building.